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Updated Boiler Room

Hey y'all!

So given that Club Penguin is moving to 3D soon, it's likely that all 2D room designs are staying where they are. I wasn't so happy about that.

Unlike rooms I made for Flippr were I totally reimagined the room, or just traced over things, or replaced the concept entirely, I'm going to be updating some old rooms as realistically as I can, trying to update them like CP would. With that being said, here's a before and after set of pictures.
[Image: d6ebe4e370d24783abb007b7327fa11e.png]
[Image: b91492ac298b429493164bb0798db7a4.png]

Now, since a lot of people are just starting with custom rooms, this is a really cool example of a room that mixes drawing with using CP assets. If I drew everything, it probably wouldn't look great. And I couldn't copy everything from other rooms, because a lot of the stuff I needed in the new style has only been drawn in the old style. So here's the break-down:
  • The main part of the Boiler itself (all the red metal) is drawn. The meters and doors and such added onto it are from Operation: Tri-umph. The gold pipes are from the Star Wars Takeover. The blue pipe is from Halloween 2014.
  • The Toolbox/cart is from Halloween 2014. The filing cabinets are from the Zootopia party.
  • The ladder is from Operation: Blackout, and the dance floor is from Operation: Tri-umph.
  • The chalkboard is from the Zooptopia party.
  • The crates are from the EPF rebuild.
  • The floor is from the cave maze.
  • The background of the room, the door, the little dance cutout, and the manhole-ish thing at the top are all drawn.
So there's some insight into what goes into a room!

If you want to use the SWF for your CPPS, feel free! I don't need credit by name, just don't claim to have created it.
Link: http://clubpenguincustoms.com/portfolio/...boiler.swf

One again amazing work!
I'm Flippy, this is my signiture. I don't really know what to put here so thanks for reading.

Its wonderful!

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