Club Penguin Customs



This is Club Penguin Customs, a site dedicated to creating cool and new Club Penguin parties and designs for you to explore interactively. Owned and operated by the former owner and designer of Flippr, we promise to bring you the highest quality of custom artwork we can.

All around the world, people have taken Club Penguin artwork and enhanced it into something unique and spectacular. CPC allows all of these amazing artists to interact and work in one place together, helping each other to advance their skills and begin fun new projects!

This community of creators is anchoring down by intriguing content created by our own team, like parties and missions, to help bring in new fans to the Club Penguin Customs universe. We're certain that we'll be able to go far further than we ever could before!

Check out the chat page to talk with fellow designers, or stop by the forums to talk with other customs makers and Club Penguin fans. We're sure that you will meet some cool new people, and learn new things along the way.

Our first sponsored project, our EPF Mission Series, will be launching very soon! Check back in a few days to experience EPF Mission 1 - Operation: Puffle Oh-No!, an exclusive new take on the EPF's adventures. With the nostalgic and comical playstyle of the PSA, plus the unique stories and features of the EPF, we've developed a modern take on an old formula that will leave fans both new and old impressed.


Flippr Puffle Party 2015
Flippr, a popular CPPS, closed in 2015 after only four days of its extravagant Puffle Party. The party contains over 100 decorated or temporary rooms, as well as a quest system. Experience the magic of the now-closed Flippr. Play Now.
The Fair 2016: Rock of Ages
The entire island has been transformed into different moments in time! Explore seven parks across the island, and soak in the beautiful moonlit sky. This party is sure to please fans of both new and old Club Penguin alike. Play Now.
Music Jam 2016
Check out this modern take on CP's classic Music Jams. Featuring 2016 style rooms inspired by original rooms from Music Jam 2008-2011, as well as all new concepts and pieces from later parties. Listen to your favorite jams from the real world, from the 1970s to now! Play Now.
Thanksgiving Party
CPC presents an all new mini-party designed to stretch from late November into the Holiday Party. Observe the beautiful winter dusk skies as you follow the island's new parade trail. Then, relax with a nice Thanksgiving meal in the Pizza Parlor. Play Now.
Operation: Club Penguin
Designed as a potential final party for traditional Club Penguin, this mission-party combination takes place in an alternate timeline where Herbert successfully established launched his Blackout plans in 2007 instead of 2012. Travel to the past and save the island one last time. Check out a teaser today! Coming early 2017.
Even more parties
We're constantly taking suggestions and ideas for new parties to design. Submit one to us by email! Email


Club Penguin Customs is proud to offer a new series of EPF missions for CP players and fans! If you loved the sleuthing style of the PSA missions, and you love the spectacular modern CP artwork, then these missions offer you the best possible combination. Solve small, mission based stories that paint a bigger picture as time goes on. These missions will leave you guessing as to who the real villain is. With fun dialogue and intriguing art, they offer something new to even the most familiar of CP players.
Mission 1 is available now, with Mission 2 also scheduled for a summer release!